I Love Chuppahs



Looking to make your wedding ceremony the talk of town? Our unique Chuppahs will do the trick. Our Chuppahs are extraordinary, elegant and timeless.

Your marriage celebrates a new beginning and the Chuppah is the most recognized feature of a Jewish wedding, symbolizing an intimate,  sanctified space in which to take your vows. So why not make a custom chuppah that represents your values and have a lasting impression everyone will remember your wedding for?

I Love Chuppahs is the original Chuppah specialist in Southern California with endless designs to choose from. With a great team that is friendly, professional and thorough, you can count on us to deliver above and beyond your expectations. Although many Chuppah companies are out there, its hard to come close to the attention to detail, quality and expertise that I Love Chuppahs harnesses. We operate while drawing inspiration from all corners of the globe, so that we can serve you with a fresh menu of ideas and styles.

We can help you create a wonderful Chuppah with our expertise combined with your vision. Our accessories range from crystals to pearls and lighting to chandeliers. We are committed to designing your Chuppah to illustrate one of the most cherished moments of your lives.

Your imagination is your next Chuppah.

Your imagination is your next Chuppah

-I Love Chuppahs

Your Wedding Canopy Specialist